Steve Willhite
Steve Willhite

About Me

I've been a freelance cartoonist since '91 with artwork appearing in comic books, magazines, children's books and newspapers. I specialize in artwork that's a bit odd or out of the ordinary - but always fun!

My studio is in my home just outside of Boise, Idaho and I share it with my girlfriend (who is an amazing photographer), my daughter, a dog and three cats.

Comic Art Credits

Outbound #2;Inks
Jesus Hates Zombies 1; Alterna Press ~Pencils,Inks,Tones
The Scary Book 1-4; Caliber Press ~Pencils,Inks,Covers
Matter Baby 1; Antarctic Press ~Pencils,Inks,Cover
Mighty Bomb 1; Antarctic Press ~Pencils,Inks,Cover
Misc. Pinups for various publishers.

More Comic Art

Sketch Magazine #34(article and art)
Sick Smiles 6, AIIIE! Comics ~Pencils,Inks
Tilazeus 1, AIIIE! Comics ~Inks
Odd Adventure Zine 2; Zamboni Press ~Pencils,Inks
World Comics 1, World Comics ~Pencils
Rust City 2, Rust City ~Story,Pencils,Inks
Winner Magazine for Kids,Review & Herald 19992000
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